Rocky’s Jamaica Sunrise

It’s like you’re eating at the most flavorful meat and three that you’ve ever experienced. There’s heat, if you want heat. Then, there’s the amazing proteins of which you have exceptional choices to please any carnivore. Backing those up are an all-star bevy of sides which are unparalleled in taste and quality. You just found your new favorite restaurant in Maryville, Tennessee.

It’s no secret that I am a major fan of Rocky’s Jamaica Sunrise. I’ve been a patron of this establishment for over a decade, since they originally operated as a drive-thru concept on East Broadway. They have moved into a great location just on the edge of Downtown Maryville at 501 N Cusick street; near other restaurant greats which deserve and will receive their own respective reviews.

If you’re in the area or have had any reservations about experiencing the homemade cuisine here, your Knox Food Dude is here to tell you that you’ve been missing out. This is simply one of the greatest restaurants and assets to Maryville and the East Tennessee food landscape.

Jerk Boneless Breast with amazing sides.

The protein choices include bone-in chicken which is insanely juicy and well-seasoned – it falls off the bone. Ribs that are so tender and flavorful, boneless chicken breasts that are massive and begging for house-made jerk sauce, and pulled pork that rivals some of the best barbecue in the area. You literally can’t go wrong with any of these choices, they are all quite delicious and reasonably priced. Rocky’s signature jerk sauce comes in mild, medium and hot. Hot is sizzling and will leave some sweat on your forehead while your tongue tingles for more. Don’t sleep on the spicy barbecue sauce that is offered, as it’s super flavorful and is a fan favorite.

…fries are no joke, the best fries that I have ever encountered.

-Knox Food Dude

Then, Rocky’s Jamaica Sunrise pulls the equation together fully with their top-tier sides. Mac and cheese that’s rich and luxurious finds it’s home on your plate. Pair it with the baked beans which pack a unique flavor unlike any that you’ve had before. Go light with their delightful cabbage or traditional rice and beans, or go big with the best fries in the area. Hell, quite possibly the best fries in Tennessee. All food boasting aside, these seasoned fries are no joke, the best fries that I have ever encountered.

Amazing French Fries at Rocky's Jamaica Sunrise
These fries, if judged alone, would receive a 6 out of 5 on the dudescale. Unparalleled. Exceptional.

Yes, the fries are that good. They are so reasonably priced and uplifted by the quantity that’s enough to share, you’d be crazy to skip these on a visit. If you’re dining at lunch, add the fries as an additional side so you can experience the other great side offerings. They are cooked to order, and you will be waiting on the greatness to come to your table for around five minutes. The anticipation is real, you won’t even need ketchup.

Sometimes we refer to people and places as an “asset” to the community. It’s in these contexts where something is bigger than the sum of it’s parts — it becomes something magical. Rocky’s Jamaica Sunrise pulls out all the culinary stops and provides a food experience like no other in the region.

Our Rating, up to five dudes on the Dudescale:

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